Those Moments to Pause

Click Here for a Moment to Pause

scenic photo of beach during dawn
Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Taking a moment to pause.

Whether it is a flower, or the sunset, or the smile on a child’s face, taking a moment to pause reminds us of how quickly time is passing and how precious this moment is.

I halfway jokingly tell my wife Kathy, ‘On my tombstone, make sure it says “He never missed a day of his life.” Stress, worry, crisis, deadline, or any myriad of unsettling demands often erodes our attention on the beauty that exists all around us.

I’ve learned over the years that life is much less about what happens, than it is about how we respond to it. From my family of origin, I learned the value of humor as a coping skill. Pause. Draw a breath. Notice something you would have missed otherwise. Laugh whenever you can.

Life is a gift that is both precious and fragile. Sometimes, it means we must take a moment to remember.


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